Advice For Homeowners Trying To Maintain Residential Vinyl Windows

Posted on: 26 August 2020

If you have residential vinyl windows, you're in luck because these windows are extremely energy-efficient, durable, and easy to maintain. The latter benefit is particularly helpful, but you still want to be thorough in how you care for these windows. These tips can ensure you don't run into issues. 

Conduct Regular Inspections

Even though vinyl is a pretty durable material and fully capable of lasting a long time, you still want to conduct regular inspections around your vinyl windows. This is the best way to spot problems early on before an involved repair is required.

Some components to pay particular attention to include the sash, frame, and glass. If you spot problems, write them down so that you can explain them to a window contractor. They'll then recommend which issues should be repaired right away as to save you money. 

Clean Frames

A lot of homeowners put a lot of effort into cleaning the glass on their vinyl windows, which is normal considering they can collect fingerprints and dust. However, also put as much time into cleaning the frames. They are just as important, and regular cleaning can prevent their materials from breaking down.

So that you can clean in an effective yet safe manner, choose a non-abrasive cleaning solution and towel. You wouldn't want to rub too hard and then cause the frames to start peeling away, leaving them more exposed to damage later on. Also be sure to wipe these solutions dry so that residues don't stick to the frames shortly after.

Repair Seals When Appropriate

Even vinyl windows can develop drafts, but that's why seals exist. They help keep elements out and the right temperatures in. Seals can't do their job if they're damaged, however. 

You should inspect the seals carefully for damage like cracking or sections coming up and fix these problems right then and there. If the damage is pretty bad, you may need to hire a professional window repair contractor.

They can put sections back in place as well as patch up damaged sections. They also have replacements if the seals are too far gone.

Vinyl windows are extremely popular for homeowners, but as is the case with most windows, they need to be maintained properly to last. If you come up with a maintenance schedule that is thorough and consistent, then you can easily avoid frequent and expensive vinyl window issues for many years.