Five Benefits Of Commercial Window Film

Posted on: 15 September 2020

Window film is much more than tinting. Depending on the specific type of film you choose, it can provide several different benefits to fit your various needs.

1. Glare Reduction

One of the biggest reasons to install a tinted window film is to reduce the amount of glare inside your building. Glaring sunlight can make it hard for staff to perform, especially if the glare interferes with the use of computer screens. Some window film varieties are also able to block UV light, which means issues with fading carpets as well as human health concerns from UV light exposure are mitigated.

2. Energy Efficiency

Tinted films increase the energy efficiency of your building, thus reducing your overall utility costs and adding more money to your bottom line. This is because heat from direct sunlight means your building's interior temperature increases, thus necessitating the increased use of air conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. Tint can lower the temperature in your building drastically, especially when applied to windows with heavy sun exposure.

3. Security and Safety

There are film options available that help prevent glass breakage and shattering in the event the window is hit with a blunt object -- either on purpose, such as during a break-in, or by accident, such as from a rock thrown up by lawn care equipment. This film may not guard completely against the breakage of the window, but it will prevent the glass from shattering and falling inward. There are more durable films available that can protect against more severe threats, but they should be combined with a more durable tempered glass for the best effect.

4. Integrated Graphics

One of the major new upgrades available in window film is the addition of integrated graphics. Not only will the film block excessive sunlight, but it will also have the graphics of your choice embedded in the film itself. For example, you could have customized film installed on your front windows that features your name or logo. It will look similar to having the graphic etched into the window glass itself but without the expense or permanence of etching. Another idea is to have window film that contains your business hours made up for installation on your glass entry door.

5. Graffiti Prevention

There's one more type of window film to consider -- graffiti-resistant film. This film is usually applied over plain glass or on top of one of the other films mentioned above. In the event someone sprays graffiti on your window, the film can be simply peeled away to reveal unmarred glass below. There are also films that are made of a substance that paint won't adhere to, so you can simply wipe them clean.

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