Frameless Shower Doors For The Modern Bathroom

Posted on: 23 October 2020

A bathroom is arguably one of the important rooms in a home and can play a role in influencing one's mood. Most people start their days by spending time in the bathroom either grooming themselves at the sink or taking a shower, or both. Similarly, some people will take a relaxing shower in the evening before going to bed.

Many of the bathrooms in homes across America have been fitted with bathtubs or shower fixtures that can only be used with shower curtains or framed shower doors. However, home designers are starting to lean toward designing bathrooms with frameless shower doors.

What are Frameless Shower Doors?

A frameless shower door is essentially a glass shower door installed without the bulkiness of a framed door. One of the advantages of a frameless glass shower door is that it can be installed in a minimalist style, avoiding the use of bulky materials such as rubber or metal to attach the door to a wall or floor.

As such, they provide more flexibility in design and offer more options for customizing a shower space and the overall bathroom aesthetic. However, a frameless shower door must be installed professionally to prevent any water leakages from the shower space and to ensure that the door is well-supported.

How Can Frameless Glass Shower Doors Improve A Bathroom's Design?

These doors come in a lot of design styles and options to suit the homeowner's style and preference. Since these glass shower doors help to expand the bathroom space, one can adjust the lighting, painting, and decoration options in a bathroom to achieve any style or aesthetic.

For example, increasing the lighting inside the shower area while decreasing the lighting in the bathroom space could potentially create a rustic feel. On the other hand, increasing the lighting in the bathroom space relative to that inside the shower can bring out a more modern hotel-style feel.

Additionally, the glass shower door can be fitted with different door styles such as bypass, hinged or pivot-style doors. Each of these door styles can be modified to achieve a specific bathroom aesthetic and functionality, making glass shower doors a great bathroom design tool.

For the homeowner that is willing to experiment with the concept of shower doors, frameless glass shower doors are a great option to consider, given their ability to transform any bathroom into a modern-looking one. For more information about installing a frameless shower door, contact a local door installation professional.