Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures And Your Bathroom's Style

Posted on: 30 December 2020

Can glass shower enclosures change a bathroom's overall style? If you're ready to update your home's décor, take a look at what a new shower can do for your bathroom.

Create a Contemporary Style

Clean, sleek lines are the hallmark of a minimalist contemporary style. But if your bathroom has a heavy fabric shower curtain or decades-old frosted sliding doors, it will look less than modern.

Transform your bathroom from dated to contemporary with a frameless shower enclosure. Without the need for fabric or plastic curtains or noticeable glass door frames, the shower area will have a neutral, modern feel.

Give the Room a Sense of Luxury

Even though a glass enclosure can add a contemporary look to the space, you can use this type of shower to create other décor styles. If you want to change a ho-hum bathroom into a luxurious retreat, frameless glass is an option to seriously consider. This shower door/enclosure option adds a spa-like, lux feel to the room.

Design a Rustic Space

Glass is one of the most versatile building materials. While a frameless enclosure can add to a contemporary or spa-style luxurious look, it can also help to create a rustic type of bathroom décor. Rustic doesn't have to equal old. Newer shabby chic designs incorporate high style with vintage and natural features.

Play up the idea of a natural, rustic space with the translucence of glass. The frameless enclosure allows the eye to focus on the water (natural) aspect of the shower area or on shabby chic antiques fixtures and finishes. This can add to an overall rustic style of room décor.

Add High Drama

Bold colors, heavy textures, and plenty of patterns can add drama to a room. But this doesn't mean you have to accent the shower with a heavy fabric curtain.

How can an almost invisible frameless enclosure add drama to your bathroom? The answer is in the rest of the room's décor. A glass enclosure is a neutral palette that doesn't distract from the interior aesthetics of the shower. While the enclosure itself may not add to the design, it gives you the chance to see the dramatic décor behind it.

To add high drama, start with the shower's interior. An unexpected pop of color, deep shades of tile, or ornate fixtures can draw the eye in—especially without fabric curtains, plastic liners, or door frames in the way.

If you are interested in adding a new shower to your home or replacing your current shower enclosure, consider the look you want to achieve and browse through available glass enclosure options to make sure that your bathroom's new style meets your expectations.