Signs You Need A Windshield Replacement

Posted on: 21 April 2021

The car windshield facilitates your visual navigation when on the road. If damaged, your car's windshield might provide poor vision, which risks your road safety. Therefore, you should always ensure that your windshield is in perfect working condition. However, windshields are exposed to the risk of damage due to flying pebbles and rocks on the roads. Once these particles hit your windshield, they might cause cracking. At times, the damage can be so extreme that you need to replace the entire windshield. Here are signs that you need auto glass replacement.

Your Windshield Is Blocking Your View

Your windshield needs to be in perfect shape because driving requires that you make split-second decisions. Therefore, even a tiny crack matters because you can mistake a chipped part of your glass for another approaching vehicle and make a wrong move on the road resulting in an accident. Additionally, web-like cracks on your windshield can distort your vision, especially in adverse weather. That means you have limited vision in blizzards, storms, and fog, increasing the accident risks. Therefore, you should do auto glass replacement immediately.

Your Vehicle Inspection Is Coming Up

Your vehicle inspection sticker is a constant reminder of your vehicle's inspection date. If your windshield has cracks, dented edges, or sharp edges, the windshield can affect your view during driving. Therefore, your car is likely to fail the inspection. You should replace your windshield before the inspection as that will save you from delays or even paying a fine for driving with a broken windshield. Additionally, you don't have to pay for a second inspection.

Your Windshield Has Pits

Flying debris such as sharp stones and gravel can hit your windshield. Over time, pitting on your windshield can occur. The pits disperse reflected light making it difficult for you to see the road. Also, pitted glass doesn't shed water quickly. Therefore, driving in stormy weather becomes difficult.

Your Windshield Is Missing Some Parts

If your windshield is missing some parts, it is evident that you need a replacement. However, some drivers will try to use tape or glue to join the pieces. Don't try any of these quick fixes because your windshield contributes to the strength of your car's structural structure. Neglecting your windshield can cause your car's frame to sag, causing potential misalignment during replacement.

If your car windshield has cracks or some missing parts, you need a windshield replacement. You should also consider a replacement if your windscreen has pits or you have an upcoming car inspection. Hiring an auto glass replacement expert will fix a new windshield in your vehicle, increasing your car's overall safety. Contact an auto glass service for more information.