Say Goodbye To Your Framed Shower Doors: The Benefits Of Installing Frameless Shower Enclosures

Posted on: 26 July 2021

For many years installing shower doors in your home meant that you would have to deal with the metal frame that was required to support these doors. For a lot of homeowners, this was a serious disadvantage to choosing shower doors over a standard shower curtain. Thankfully there is now another option. This option is the installation of a frameless shower enclosure. Read on to learn more about some of the many benefits that this option has to offer. 

Easier To Clean

Thanks to the fact that these shower doors are installed on a hinge rather than on a metal track, frameless shower doors are much easier to clean than standard shower doors. In fact, most people will find that these doors are even easier to clean than a standard shower curtain since you can simply use a basic cleaning solution and a squeegee to clean the glass from top to bottom and then just wash the dirty cleaning solution down the shower drain. 

Creates A Larger Looking Space

Solid surfaces such as a shower curtain or shower frame cause the eye to interpret the end of available space. When these objects are absent, the eye instead perceives an extension of space despite the fact that there is still the exact same amount of available space. It is this perception that allows frameless shower enclosures to create the illusion of a larger-looking bathroom. This can be especially beneficial in homes that have relatively small bathrooms. 

More Sanitary

The metal frames that are used to support traditional shower doors often host a variety of mold, mildew, and soap scum. Since these frames are so difficult to access in order to keep them clean, this can lead to a rather unsanitary showering experience. By eliminating these frames, you can also eliminate the unsanitary conditions that come along with them. 

Can Accommodate Any Size, Shape Requirements

Standard shower doors are designed to only fit certain size and shape requirements. These requirements are in line with the most common shower and bathtub sizes. If you wish to create a larger or uniquely shaped enclosure, you will be unable to accomplish this task using standard doors. However, with the use of a frameless shower enclosure, there truly is no limit to the dimensions that can be created in order to give you the one-of-a-kind showering experience that you desire. 

The Bottom Line

There simply is no other shower enclosure option that provides the same list of impressive benefits that frameless shower doors are able to provide. To learn more about this type of shower enclosure or to schedule an appointment to receive an estimate for the installation of your new enclosure, be sure to reach out to a glass contractor in your local area today. Or visit a business like Kauffman Glass and Mirror to learn what shower enclosures they can make.