Common Residential Glass Problems That Repair Technicians Can Address

Posted on: 7 February 2022

You may enjoy having glass windows around your property because of the beautiful light they let through, but these solutions can potentially cause problems. If you run into the following, you can hire a glass repair company and have them resolved quickly.

Foggy Glass

If you have older glass windows, some of them may have started to fog. The foggy glass prevents you from being able to see through them clearly, but glass repair technicians can respond before you have to replace these windows entirely.

They can apply commercial-grade glass fog treatments that will alleviate the fog without damaging your glass materials. Then they'll see what they can do to prevent further fog from affecting the windows, such as adding more insulation to keep moisture issues from happening within the panes. 

Leaking Air

If air can get in your home and escape it via the glass windows, then you need to do something fast. Otherwise, you're going to pay more in energy and you could have weathering damage take place. Glass repair technicians will know how to address this particular issue.

They'll conduct a thermal audit to see where the air is getting through exactly. It may be around the base or sides because of poor insulation. This is one of the easier issues for glass repair technicians to resolve and they'll use long-lasting materials for sealing too so that you don't have air leaking out for a long time.


If you spot chips on your glass windows, having them repaired quickly is the best way to prevent larger cracks from forming. You'll just need to have a glass repair contractor take care of this restoration because they know what resin solutions are going to work best based on the type of glass your windows are made out of.

This resin solution will be administered to the chip and cured, which should be enough to make it fade completely. There also won't be a chance for elements to get inside the chip and cause it to grow in size. Just make sure you keep a watch for additional chips that may develop in the future, as quick intervention is key in minimizing damage. 

If you're adamant about keeping your glass windows in phenomenal condition for more than a few years, then you have to respond to repairs as quickly as possible. Professional glass repair technicians can handle the more severe problems, ensuring they don't have as big of an impact on your property.