Need Windshield Replacement? 4 Things That Will Affect The Price You Will Have To Pay

Posted on: 23 June 2022

When your vehicle's windshield is in great shape, you are assured of safety while on the road. Besides, it improves the value of your vehicle as well as its appearance. Even so, your windshield can crack when exposed to harsh elements or when hit by debris. When your windshield is badly damaged, you should consider getting a replacement. If it's your first time seeking auto glass replacement, you may not know the amount you are likely to pay for the process. Check out some of the factors that can affect your auto replacement costs. 

The Type of Vehicle You Own

One of the things that will impact the cost of your windshield replacement is the type of vehicle you own. You'll pay a small fee for your windshield replacement if you drive an economical or small-sized car. As for the large-sized or luxury vehicles, you may have to pay much more due to the size and quality of the windshield.

The Type of Windshield on Your Vehicle

The windshield you use on your vehicle plays a crucial role in the amount you pay for a replacement. You can either have an aftermarket or OEM windshield. The OEM (Original Equipped Manufacturers) is a replica of the original product fitted by the vehicle company. This type of auto glass offers improved longevity and security. The aftermarket parts also resemble the original but don't compare in quality. So, when replacing your windshield, you will likely pay more for OEM than the aftermarket option.

Your Vehicle Requires a Special Attachment

You will pay more for your windshield replacement if your vehicle features special attachments. Some of the unique features include special tinting and light and rain sensors. Given that extra workmanship is required for such a task, you'll need to pay more for your replacement.

The Type of Insurance Coverage You Take

The type of insurance cover you take will determine whether or not you'll pay for your replacement. For instance, having comprehensive coverage that doesn't have any deductibles will cover your windshield replacement cost. You'll need to pay a small out-of-pocket fee if you pay a deductible. Remember that when the replacement cost is lower than the deductible, some insurers may decide not to pay for your auto glass replacement.

When your windshield sustains significant damage, the first thing that comes to mind is the replacement cost. If you're concerned about the amount you'll spend on your replacement, this guide has outlined some common determining factors. 

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