Frameless Shower Doors And Custom Features

Posted on: 2 August 2022

Frameless shower doors provide an elegance that framed door styles typically don't possess. Besides lacking a lot of metal trim, a frameless style will provide an end user with streamlined cleaning requirements. Since the anchoring pieces that are attached to glass won't be out in the open, using scrub brushes and other hand tools may not be needed very often. 

Fewer Materials

Frameless glass doors contain anchoring materials that are designed to be hidden. Once a frameless door has been installed, an end user will be greeted with a glass setup that does not contain a lot of pieces. A frameless door may open outward or slide open. This type of door can be installed in a tub or a shower stall. Fewer materials that are needed for the installation process may require less time for a door upgrade to be performed. 

Custom Features

When choosing a framed door style, an end user may want to contemplate the most efficient way for them to enter and exit a tub or a shower stall. They may also want to consider some safety and storage features that will complement the use of a frameless door. Safety features can include knobs and rails that run along the outside or the inside of a door.

If someone has difficulty moving around, they may want to purchase a door style that will contain dual sets of knobs and rails. This will ensure that the individual can open the door from the outside or the inside of the glass. A towel rack is another item that can be secured to some frameless models. A rack can consist of a single or dual bar design that is permanently attached to the glass.

A door supplier will have a listing of all of the glass types they sell and the features that can be added to each one. Hardware pieces can be customized, to provide a bathroom with a distinct look. Looking at various accessories and handling them can be helpful in choosing custom features.

Glass may contain single or doubled-paned sections. A manufacturer of frameless shower doors will typically use tempered products. Tempered products are the safest glass materials to use for shower doors since this glass type won't shatter when extreme force is applied to a glass panel. When consulting with a glass supplier, a consumer should request information about the manner in which their original door can be disposed of.