2 Reasons Installing Your Home's New Glass Patio Door Should Not Be A DIY Project

Posted on: 30 November 2022

If your home's patio door is old and has started to show its age, you may have decided that it is time for a new one. After choosing a glass door with a high-efficiency rating and researching how to install it, you may have decided that you would like to try hanging the patio door yourself.

However, installing a glass door is not a one-person job nor should it be considered a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. There are a couple of reasons why glass patio door installation is not a DIY project and is better left in the hands of professionals.

1. Door and Frame Must Be Perfectly Square and Level to Prevent Warping 

One reason why you should rely on a professional to install your home's new glass patio door instead of turning it into a DIY project is that everything involved with the installation must be perfectly square and level. If either the door or the frame is crooked, it will cause the entire setup to warp, which could break the frame or even the glass.

To ensure the door and frame are even and level, special tools are required. It also takes more than one person to hold the pieces, measure the spaces, and ensure that everything is plumb. A professional has access to these resources to make sure that the door and frame will not warp during or after installation.

2. Seals Must Be Done Correctly to Ensure the Highest Level of Energy Efficiency

Another reason installing a glass patio door should not be attempted by you is that the seals must be done correctly. If the seals are not tight, it will not matter how energy efficient the door is rated. Air will still be able to get through the seals.

When a professional does the job, they have the tools and know-how to ensure that the seals around the door, frame, and glass are done correctly. This will help to maintain the energy efficiency rating of the door. 

If you attempt to install your home's new glass patio door yourself, the risk of having the door and frame warp because they are uneven is higher without the right tools and experience. You also have a greater chance of incorrectly sealing the door, causing its energy efficiency level to decrease dramatically. Instead of trying to turn it into a DIY project, contact a company that offers glass door installation near you to schedule a time to have them do the job for you.