Want Three Great Reasons To Get That Windshield Chip Repaired?

Posted on: 12 January 2023

A tiny chip in your car's windshield, from a pebble flying up from the road, doesn't seem like much to worry about, although it's certainly annoying. You may put off repairing that tiny chip, thinking you'll take care of it later. That's actually not the best strategy. That tiny chip needs to be repaired quickly because the chances of it becoming worse and causing even more problems are pretty good. Your car's windshield has to remain intact on both sides for it to provide the protection it's supposed to provide.

Small Chips and Cracks Can Expand Suddenly if Not Filled 

When you drive and go over potholes or other rough patches of road, the shock and vibrations travel up through the car's body to the windshield and eventually the roof. One of those rough patches can jolt the car hard enough so that the glass at the edges of the chip suddenly cracks, creating a bigger crack. And that crack can keep growing even time you go over another pothole. Chips can be repaired, but cracks larger than a few inches can't be repaired, and the entire windshield has to be replaced instead. That's a larger job, obviously, that costs more and takes more time.

It's Not Really Legal to Drive With a Cracked Windshield

Technically, you can't really drive with a cracked windshield. Yes, you can operate the car, but legally speaking, a large crack would make the car too unsafe to drive. This is another reason why you want to repair that tiny chip now. If you're driving with a cracked windshield, you could get a ticket (costing you more money) and end up having to replace the windshield anyway. So, that tiny chip has suddenly spiraled into this budget-eating, car-damaging crack that will only take up more of your time.

A Crack Can Lead to a Loss of Structural Integrity and Protection

You don't often think of your windshield as being a key player in protecting you as you drive. You may think of it as protecting you from wind, rain, and road dust, but it also helps keep the structure of the car as much in place as possible during an accident. Without the windshield's strength, your car could cave in more easily in an accident, and anything that hits your windshield wouldn't meet as much resistance. Don't let that chip turn into a crack; repair the chip right away.

Your insurance agent can give you suggestions for glass shops to go to, or you could look to co-workers and neighbors for recommendations. Call now so that you can get the repairs over with.

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