When Do You Need Auto Glass Replacement?

Posted on: 9 March 2023

Auto glass technicians can repair and replace windshields and windows on cars and trucks. Many drivers choose to have their auto glass repaired whenever possible. However, there are some circumstances when full replacement is better. These are four instances when you may need an auto glass replacement solution: 

1. Vandalism

Vandalism can occur randomly. If your car is vandalized, your windows and windshields may be subject to unwanted paint and scratches. Scratches, chips, and gouges caused by car keys and other common vandalizing devices can weaken the structural integrity of your auto glass. It can also impair your ability to see and steer your car properly. Fortunately, auto glass replacement services can take care of instances of vandalism by giving you brand-new windows and windshields.

2. Collisions

Collisions are another common cause of severe auto glass damage. When your vehicle is involved in a collision, your windshields and windows may shatter inward. Auto glass is designed to break into small, flat pieces to protect the occupants of a vehicle. However, shattered glass cannot be repaired. If your car or truck gets in an accident, you may need to have your auto glass replaced as part of the repair process following your collision.

3. Burglary

Car thieves often gain entry to locked vehicles by smashing a window. Even if your stolen car is recovered, it's likely to have sustained severe auto glass damage. Burglars can also smash car windows in order to gain access to valuables inside your vehicle. When your car is the victim of theft or burglary, it's important to have your auto glass replaced as soon as possible. Having your windows replaced by a professional can ensure that no further harm comes to your car or truck.

4. Storms

Finally, auto glass can be damaged by storms. During heavy storms, strong winds can blow large pieces of debris into your car. Branches, telephone poles, and other suspended objects can fall onto your car, smashing your windshields and windows. An auto glass technician can replace any glass that was damaged through a natural disaster. Many auto glass replacements can be carried out during the same day, so you won't have to worry about your car being exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time.

It's important to take broken and damaged auto glass seriously. Auto glass replacement solutions are fast and effective, and they can prolong the life of your beloved vehicle. Contact a local auto glass replacement service to learn more.